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Reveal your identity with Amr Saad, Egypt

Boldness and uniqueness are the words to define the Egyptian Amr Saad eyewear and jewelry brand.

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The brand, created in 2015 by the eponymous founder Amr Saad, embodies values of self-expression, search for one’s identity and boldness. The brand speaks to consumers who want a unique eyewear look to express their own uniqueness.

Handcrafted with precious metals like gold or silver, each pair of glasses is a piece of art revealing organic shapes and abundance of details.

Besides, the brand is focused on sustainability and proposes to recycle your silver at no cost as well as repairing and maintaining damaged glasses or jewelry for free.

Why is it inspiring?

Because accessories ore often the best way to stand out from the crowd and express yourself. Amr Saad has fully understood this need for uniqueness that more and more young Egyptians are looking for and the brand has rooted its brand’s philosophy around this idea.

Because the brand stands out in the eyewear category with its conception of slow and sustainability. The idea, behind the brand, is to recycle, repair end reuse precious metals like gold and silver and craft unique creations out of them. For some pair of glasses, there is a waiting list. The brand imposes its own sustainable concept of luxury in a category usually driven by high consumption and dominated by large firms.

Take-outs for brands

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In a crowded category, stand out with a bold brand philosophy and a unique brand identity expressed in the products but also in the communication and marketing operations.

Tap into some regional emergent trends like the need for self-expression and self-identity which is emergent in countries of the MENA region like Egypt. Be a cultural brand which listens to and even anticipate emergent socio-cultural movements.