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Photo credit: an online grocery player that listens and better delivers to consumers. is a Nigerian leading food & grocery online store focused on service delivery, product delivery and customer service. The company has developed an interesting segmentation and a different approach to delivery.

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The company has chosen to segment its offer by population categories: elderly people, workers, widows, family members, people in need, etc. In that spirit, has developed 5 customized plans for these different categories of population.

  • The “workers plan” allows busy workers to order at the beginning of the month and pay at the end of the month.
  • The “beneficiary plan” allows buyers to gift their loved ones with special offers.
  • The “feed the widow and the elderly widower” plan is a social plan developed in partnership with the Byinks Foundation, a Nigerian foundation providing support for education. It allows to feed widowed women with children in need, across the country.
  • The two other plans are more classical: the “fruit basket” plan offers to get a customized fresh fruit basket and the “bulk buyer” plan offers to hotels and restaurants farm-friendly prices.

Why is it inspiring?

For an online grocery store that usually focuses on the rapidity of delivery, Oja chooses a different approach: focusing on the consumers ‘needs and benefits. A very consumer-centric approach that answers well specific needs of the Nigerian population.

A segmentation that gives a meaningful social impact to the brand.

An efficient segmentation because it largely plays on emotions, and not only on needs: gift your loved ones, feed the widows, etc.

Take-outs for brands

Break the codified segmentation of your market.

Rely on an emotional segmentation that appeals to universal emotions and to a human truth.

Partner with foundations or associations to develop specific offers with a high social impact.