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A canned water from South Africa

New on shelves in South Africa. The upscale South African retailer Woolworths has just launched a canned spring water.

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The water is originated from a wild and northern region near Johannesburg, the Drakensberg. Drakensberg is known for its large open spaces and its breathtaking mountain amphitheatre.

The water exists in still and sparkling versions as well as in different flavours: strawberry & mint, coconut & pineapple and ginger & lime.

Why is it inspiring?

Water is a real treasure in Southern African countries because of its increasing scarcity. It will become a real social and economic challenge in the coming years. With this launch, the retailer Woolworths not only celebrates local water springs but also claims that water conservation is at the heart of its strategy. Besides, the Woolworths Water Fund program which mission is to raise funds and give schools sustainable access to clean water, is supporting this new range of products.

It’s canned! This disruptive packaging for water, especially for still water, directly challenges the soft drink category while offering a 100% healthy and premium on-the-go option.

Take-outs for brands

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Launch purposeful products that not only enrich the brand long-term strategy on sustainability but also allow very hands-on actions that solve concrete problems in society, like access to clean water in South Africa.ustainable access to clean water, is supporting.

Be disruptive on the format to challenge other categories in your market.